Monster Mash: Refinery29’s Costume Guide for Halloween Procrastinators

So, it's Halloween, and you still haven't picked out your costume. You don't even have time to pick through Ricky's war-torn aisles for last-minute ideas. Never fear, we here have done all the hocus-pocus for you, and have cooked up some great ideas you can whip up in a snap. And if our ideas don't tickle your fancy, checkout Lemondrop's last-minute costume roundup for more procrastinator-friendly costume ideas than you can shake a stick at.
Can't think of a last-minute idea seeing as you haven't even done your laundry? No worries. Just tease your hair, throw your dirty duds in a basket, stick some dryer sheets to you, and you're Static Cling.
For this next look, you merely need to head to your neighborhood 99¢ store to pick up a lightweight child's plastic chair and some elastic. Fashion the chair to the top of your head and wear a lovely pink outfit, and voilá, you're Bubblegum Under a Chair.
Perhaps you still have your old alma mater's hoodie stashed in your closet. Just slap a name tag on that baby, throw your hands in the air, scream like a maniac, and you're a dead ringer for a Contestant on The Price is Right.
All you need to do is run to your local post office for this next idea. Grab a cardboard box and watch this handy instructional video and you too can become a Transformer. C'mon, if this 12-year-old can do it, so can you.
You know you have to swing by your local bodega anyway to pick up candy, so you might as well grab a box of your favorite cereal, a plastic knife, and some ketchup (you know, "blood"), and suddenly you're the cutest Cereal Killer since Ted Bundy.
Thank God there's always a Staples or Kinkos around every corner. Grab a couple of pads of colored Post-its to write a few Internet slang phrases (ie LOL, ROFL, thx, pls) and some emoticons on, and presto-change-o—you're an IM Chat.
A trip to your local grocery store and some tape can yield some amazing(ly bad) results. But you know, you look surprisingly similar to a Project Runway contestant's creation gone awry.
We also have to give a shout-out to creative ways to get spooky in a cinch that we've seen while drunkenly stumbling through past Halloween revelry. For instance, a sheet of plastic + blue make-up = Laura Palmer, a pack of cards + tape = 52 Card Pick Up, or simply go green this year with a clear trash bag + paper and plastic only = Recycling Bin. And lastly, we have a few words of advice for you last-minute party people. No matter what you do, do be creative, do think outside the box, and do get crafty; don't be sexy, don't be Sarah Palin and take a night off and don't be yourself.

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