10 Apps That Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

You know there are a million and one ways to spend money with your phone. In fact, mobile shopping has officially surpassed desktop purchasing as the number one way we buy online, with a full 51% of visits to stores' websites happening from our phones.
Perhaps less known, your phone can also save you tons of money — there are a host of new mobile apps out there built to help you get deals on everything from brunch to Broadway show tickets. All that’s standing between you and big discounts is knowing where to find them. That’s where we come in.
We scoured the stores to find 10 standout smartphone apps for saving cash. Give a few a try, you might even save enough for a whole new shopping spree.
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Photo: Courtesy of Thanx.
iPhone / Android

Becoming a regular at your neighborhood burrito place can feel like a major accomplishment. It can also save you some cash. Thanx is a mobile app that connects with your credit card and keeps track of purchases you make at specific retailers. Once you reach certain thresholds, you get cash back that can be used toward future purchases at your fave spot.

According to Forbes, American women spend an average of $14 every time they buy lunch, but using a $5-off coupon just once a week means $260 in annual savings.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gas Buddy.
Gas Buddy
iPhone / Android

Why pay top dollar for gas when you can get it cheaper just a mile down the road? GasBuddy monitors the gas prices at stations around the country and reports back on where the cheapest gas is in your area. Use it to fill your tank now, and check out GasBuddy’s website for a look at what gas prices are across the country.

The average gallon of gas costs roughly $3.84, and the average American spends about $2,000 per year on gas. If GasBuddy can save you about 5 cents per gallon, that’s roughly $26 back in your pocket this year.
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Photo: Courtesy of Coupon Sherpa.
Coupon Sherpa
iPhone / Android

Do you want to carry coupons out on your shopping trip? No, of course not — you are not your grandmother. Coupon Sherpa is a collection of in-store and local coupons for everywhere, from restaurants to retail stores. You can browse available coupons by location, and use them right from the app — no printing required!

The average woman spends about $1700 annually on clothes (and perhaps some of us spend a bit more). If you used a 15% off coupon on Coupon Sherpa a few of those times, you'd easily save over a 100 bucks.
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Photo: Courtesy of PayPal.
iPhone / Android

PayPal lets you pay for restaurant meals with your phone (greatly easing bill-splitting headaches among friends), and it also offers discounts at a number of places just for paying your tab. Log into your account on your phone, and then hit the Local tab to see where you can use PayPal in your area and what discounts might be available.

Paying with this app instead of cash can help you avoid those pesky ATM fees which. We counted, and we got hit with six fees last month — which at $2.50 a pop is $15 a month or $180 per year.
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Photo: Courtesy of Checkout51.
Checkout 51
iPhone / Android

Checkout 51 is also kind of like a coupon app — in reverse. Rather than clip coupons, you can score all the discounts by simply making a purchase in-store and then uploading a photo of your receipt once you’re done. If it matches one of the categories they've got a discount for, you get money back.

Assuming you bought everything on their list this week (ranging from Aleve to strawberries), you'd save $57.
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Photo: Courtesy of HotelTonight.
Hotel Tonight
iPhone / Android

A last-minute escape doesn’t have to empty your bank account. With Hotel Tonight, you're offered a list of same-day reservations (at hotels picked by the app's staff). The idea is that hotels give great deals on amazing rooms day of because otherwise those rooms would have been empty, and they'd rather make something than nothing. Plus, you can be super last minute — they allow booking up 'til 2 a.m.

We looked in New York City, and if you were looking for a room tonight, you'd score anywhere from $50 to $300/night off.
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Photo: Courtesy of TodayTix.

iPhone / Android
There are two tricky things about going to the theater: It's expensive, and you have to book way in advance. This app aims to solve both issues. TodayTix offers deep discounts on Broadway and off-Broadway tickets the day of the show. Tickets are as low as $19 (!!), and can be booked up to seven days in advance. When it gets to be show time, an app representative will hand deliver the goods to you outside the theater. How’s that for the VIP treatment?

Right now, you can get cultured with tickets to Idina Menzel’s current musical or Tavi Gevinson’s newest play for around $100 cheaper than box office.
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Photo: Courtesy of Daily Gobble.
Daily Gobble
iPhone / Android

Deals are great, but pulling out a coupon at a fancy dinner? Not so hot. Daily Gobble is an app that gives you a discount at local restaurants in New York and San Francisco area. To take advantage, you just save your receipt and upload a picture after you’re done. Daily Gobble will refund you the amount of the discount via PayPal in just a few hours.

We're estimating here, but the average Daily Gobble coupon is 15% off and the average cost of dinner in NYC is about $48.56. So, let's say you used it twice a month, you could save about $190 this year.
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Photo: Courtesy of DogVacay.

No one wants to leave their darling pup in a cage while they’re out relaxing in the sun. DogVacay is a dog-sitting service that helps pair your furry friend with a dog lover willing to watch him. Fido can stay at home or go to his new friend’s house, and pricing is often considerably less than you might pay for the same time at a kennel.

These doggy Airbnbs start as low as $20 per night. If we were heading out of town for a week, that's around $200 cheaper — for a spot that your dog will probably like more.
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Photo: Courtesy of Scoutmob.
iPhone / Android

Scoutmob gives discounts on everything from restaurants and bars to shopping in 13 big cities around the U.S. Within each city, you can scope out local deals, as well as read articles about what’s new and hot in the area.

If you're having dinner and drinks at New York's Winebar tonight, you could get a 50% discount, which we'll say is at least $30 off for you and a friend.

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