Here Is Your 2020 Financial Horoscope

Illustration by Vero Romero
There’s something about the middle of winter that has us wondering if we’ll ever feel the warmth of the sun again. We tend to question our survival... and whether or not we’ll get a juicy tax refund or have to shell out more money to the state once again.
2020 in particular has a sobering energy that wants us to focus on creating concrete foundations for our financial futures. The last ten years saw most of the world recovering from financial mismanagement and risk-taking that went unchecked for decades. With Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in bare bones, earthy Capricorn for most of 2020, we’ll be urged to economize this year, to do more with less, to be thrifty and frugal.
Uranus in Taurus will continue to shake up financial markets, but it will also ask us to reconsider what’s of personal value to us. Do you need to order take out for lunch again or could you stand to enjoy leftovers you packed from home? You’ll see the value in the little things and pleasures versus extravagance that could be costly down the line.
2020 is also another year of retrogrades, with both Venus and Mars taking a moonwalk across the heavens to get us to reflect on issues related to values, money, self worth, confidence, anger and our desire to take action. As a rule, retrograde periods can mean delays and the stalling or undoing of previous progress, therefore it would be wise to handle these kinds of affairs before April when Venus enters her shadow, or after the end of July when she wraps up her retrograde story altogether. 
This is a hint of what may be in store us in 2020. Looking for some more specialized advice? Wondering if this is the year to rent a bigger apartment, quit your job, or perhaps buy that expensive bag you've been coveting? Read on and find your sign to learn what the new year has in store for your bank account.

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