Mondo Guerra's Primary-Colored Jewelry Collection Confuses Us

Like many (or all) Project Runway fans, we were rooting for Mondo Guerra last season, and his subsequent loss to Gretchen Jones still leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. Okay, that may be an exaggeration (we're long over it), but we have been waiting to see what Mondo would put out next. Needless to say, seeing New York Mag's headline about the designer's new jewelry line made our little hearts race. We clicked, and then…hmm. The all-plexiglass collection (which Mondo promises is light enough to wear all day) is inspired by Paco Rabanne and Piet Mondrian, and features geometric shapes and primary colors. Interestingly, in the article the designer mentions how he was "criticized for being too 'junior'-looking" on the show, and then produces a jewelry line that looks, well…junior. We think we can kind of get behind the earrings, but we're holding our judgement to see what the rest of the collection looks like. In the meantime, color us perplexed. (NYMag)

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