Mommie Dearest

Our fashion friends pay homage to their stylish moms. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
Mother's Day only comes once a year. But if you counted up all the times you remembered your mom fondly—and not so fondly—wearing something you used to find embarrassing, but now just find totally fabulous, you'd have ten-fold reason to order those flowers this weekend.
In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, we asked our R29 inner circle as well as our fave fashion friends to fess up with their most beloved vintage shots of Mom In Action. Sequined jackets and a pantsuit, yes, our moms could rock it. So, here's to Stylish Moms everywhere who were sartorially ahead of their time and didn't even know it!

"This photo was taken in Rio, Brazil circa 1979. My mum was a model and this is her at work—the photographer is Antonio Guerreiro. It's doppppe."—Harley Viera-Newton, Model & DJ
"I love this photo of my parents on their wedding day—it's so happy it makes me verklempt. My mom's casually elegant get-up (that dress! that rope belt! that baby's breath!) could not be more perfect. And have you ever seen such a beautiful woman in your life? I sure as hell haven't." —Piera Gelardi, R29 Style Director
"This is a picture of my mother Suzanne and my pet rat Maya from the early '90s. There is a series of DIY portraits of her with a black turtleneck and white rat. Notice the silver bracelets and French twist. I've been trying to copy that look ever since."—Sophie Buhai, Designer, Vena Cava
"My favorite movie of all time is Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood For Love, in which his heroine (played by the eternally beautiful Maggie Cheung) wears a different cheongsam in every scene. I think I fell in love with the movie when I first saw it because my mother used to get dressed up in a different cheongsam every night when we still lived in China—velvet, silk, satin, or cotton, paired with pearls and heels, just like in this photo." —Xiyin Tang, R29 Associate Editor
"My mom grew up in deep Brooklyn. She used to play handball in the street and do craft fairs with my dad. She painted and my dad made jewelry. This shot reminds me of her at that time."—Steven Alan, Designer and Storeowner
"This is my mom in downtown New York, circa 1985. I love this photo of her because she looks like someone I'd hang out with now. It could be a photo of me even—I'd totally wear that outfit."—Olivia Jade Horner, R29 Staff Photographer
"I am told all the time that I look just like my mom and I think it's true judging from this photo. I love the felt hat my mom is wearing—in fact I still have it and wear it often. I wish I had that black jumpsuit too. My mom's style has always been an influence on my work and personal wardrobe...I'm the family closet ghost!"—Samantha Pleet, Designer
"This is my mom sometime in the early '70s. Apparently she used to put her hair up in these massive curlers before going out at night. I don't really get it, but she used to joke about how there was a hole in the ozone layer above her dorm room from all the aerosol hair product. I like this photo because the color is all faded and edges are all rough and that's the way it looks because it's actually old, and not because some hipster thought it would look cool."—Nick Wolf, R29 Contributing Photographer
"This is my mom and I in Ibiza, circa 1983. Those were the glory days when we'd spend the most of the year there, just chilling, mom in her Porsche sunglasses and me in my shirt unbuttoned to my belly button."—Philippe von Borries, R29 Creative Director
"Our mom dresses so well. Her style is classic and refined—she rocks wide-brimmed Norma Kamali hats with ease! This was taken at her 40th birthday...clearly one of her bolder choices but I love the cut of the long, sequined jacket (so Balmain). And look at her legs!"—Lizzie Fortunato, Jewelry Designer
"This is a picture of my mom in her early 20s on a boat in Mallorca, Spain. I love this photo because she looks so venomous! I also love her black halter top and her dark eyeliner, and the way she used to throw things together. Her whole wardrobe came consisted of vintage thrift shop finds, and that was back in the day when it wasn't cool yet and everything was cheap." —Daniela Jacobs, R29 Editorial Intern
"June, 1970, Braidenton, Florida. Our mother, left, the day she found out she was pregnant. (The glamorous brunette to the right is Philip's godmother Christine Torgeson, Miss Florida 1966)."—Philip Crangi & Courtney Crangi, Philip Crangi Jewelry
"This picture of my mom from the mid '70s shows off her love of prints and classic jewelry, something she still favors today. I love that she's wearing jewelry my grandmother gave her that she's passed down to me and my sister...along with her love of shopping!"—Lisa Dionisio, R29 Listings Editor & Shops Coordinator
"Fashion consultations started early!"—Melissa Coker, Designer, Wren
"I love this photo of my mother because she decided she didn't feel like wearing her headband anymore, turned it into a scarf and still manages to look like a total babe! "—Alexandra Andrade, R29 Editorial Intern
"You could definitely say that summertime in the '70s meant it was okay to wear nothing at all. Just a towel, mom, really? And then even from time to time, apparently it was okay to really wear nothing at all, but perhaps we'll keep those to ourselves."—Garance Doré, photographer An ode to stylish moms—our fashion friends pay tribute.

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