4 Ways To Customize Your Base Makeup

Finding the right foundation can feel like a monumental task. After all, most complexions aren't "one size fits all." You want something to soak up oil from your shiny T-zone, but on the other hand, the last thing you need is to make your flaky patches even drier. Then your period (the gift that keeps on giving) inevitably adds zits to the mix. When it comes to skin care, we've found work-arounds. We cocktail our products and, at this point, practically have a degree in multi-masking. So why, oh why, are we still settling for one allover foundation?
That’s right, the same way you multi-mask (pairing hydrating formulas for your cheeks with deep-cleansing charcoal scrubs for your clog-prone areas), you can also tailor and target your base coverage. By mixing and matching different foundations, you can choose to reveal — or conceal — only what you want to. Sound tricky? Don't worry, we've teamed up with Burt's Bees and celebrity makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla to break it all down for you. Foundation school is now in session.