Miley Cyrus Channels Sharon Stone, We Wish She Wouldn’t

As far as award shows go, the Billboard Music Awards aren't really a high priority on our DVRs. And that probably accounts for a bit of why we were so blindsided by the red carpet pictures this morning. Did anyone else know that Miley Cyrus was slowly trying to Single White Female Sharon Stone?
It looks like Miley was trying to create a more sophisticated, yet age-appropriate look, but unfortunately, the final effect fell short of both goals. The puffy bob and navel-grazing blazer just make her look like she's trying way too hard. And that's a shame, because underneath all the controversy, Miley is a really talented, beautiful, young girl.
The former Disney star has been in the spotlight for pretty much her entire life, and we know that can't be easy. Her appearance, relationships, and demeanor are judged by a harsh and so-vocal public on a daily basis. And she's only 19. No wonder she feels the need to reinvent herself.
Plus, we all know Miley was not responsible for this disaster — her stylist and beauty team were. And really, even if she was the one who dreamt up this look, someone should have stepped in and voiced some concern. What's the point of paying for a team of publicists, image consultants, glammies, and stylists if this is what their combined efforts create? We wish Miley would jettison the dead weight and find a way to define her own personal style — preferably one that doesn't include a lot of side-boob and a ridiculous coiff.
Personally, we think she looks her loveliest when she channels her inner country star, in low-key denim with just a touch of edge. But what do you think? What's the aesthetic you'd champion, if you were in charge of Miley's glam squad?

Photo: Rex USA

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