5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 16 2012

Dior releases the retro shots of the Miss Dior fall '12 campaign starring Mila Kunis, a.k.a. our dream BFF. (The Cut)
Sure, bike-handle streamers might be a wee bit childish, but it's all part of the free-wheeling fun. Test out this DIY before you begin pedaling your way toward Klum-worthy legs. (Rookie)
This summer book list pairs must-reads with their corresponding totes. So, Mindy Kaling's hilarious Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me gets a pom-pom adorned bag. Natch. (WhoWhatWear)
What was that sound? Oh, just our sigh of relief upon learning that even supermodels think the digital enhancement of Photoshop has gone way too far. Here's the latest example. (Fashionista)
Think your nuptials cost a fortune? This furry affair — the most expensive puppy wedding ever — might make you feel a smidge better about your bills. (Styleite)
mila kunis
Photo: Via The Cut

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