The Apps Every Migraine Sufferer Should Download Now

Photographed by Ali Gavillet.
Perhaps one of the scariest parts about suffering from migraines is not knowing when your next attack is going to take place. Even if you know what your usual migraine triggers are and do the best to avoid them, there are some factors that you can't really control, like the weather, your menstrual cycle, and to an extent, stress. So, it can sometimes feel like you're at the mercy of your migraines.
Using a smartphone app to log your symptoms, track any attacks, and monitor your medications is one way you can regain control over your body and migraines. Plus, having all of this information about your lifestyle at your fingertips will help you give your doctor or healthcare provider an accurate assessment of what went down before and after, so they can recommend the treatment that's most appropriate for you.
There are a handful of helpful headache apps out there, but the key is finding one that's easy to use when you can't see through your migraine aura, feel like you're being stabbed in the head, and are vomiting everywhere. Ahead are the migraine apps worth downloading to hopefully prevent your next one from happening.

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