10 Great Exfoliants That Don’t Contain Microbeads

If you haven't heard, President Obama signed the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 last week. It bans the use of "intentionally added plastic microbeads" in personal-care products. (You can read up on what that means for you here.) The new law is one small step for the environment and one giant leap for the beauty industry.
But there is one minor pitfall to the new legislation: While yes, brands are starting the phase-out process now, they aren't required to stop using breads in their products until July 2017 and don't have to stop selling products with the plastic bits in them until 2018. That's a long ways from now.
So what to do if you need to slough off dead skin but don't want to hurt the fish? Fear not: There are plenty of safe exfoliants on the market (some of which are listed here) for you to get your scrub on with. Ahead, we round up 10 effective alternatives that won't pollute your lakes, rivers, oceans, fish, or bodies in the process. Click through to check them out.

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