Meryl Streep Invents New Acting Award (And Wins It)

We all know that Meryl Streep, the single most nominated actor (not just actress!) ever, just added another Academy Award to her collection, making it three's company in her Oscar case. Now exactly what is her secret? An M.F.A. from the Yale School of Drama? A knack for dialects and accents? Maybe.
But we second a different proposal: Meryl Streep's talent for emoting with eyewear, from dramatic to distressed, demure to disheveled. The trick is in her specs, people! Besides winning another glittery Oscar for the bathroom (we hear she likes to leave it in the loo for guests to practice acceptance speeches in private), we think Meryl's next big thing is winning commissioning her own award for "Best Use of Accessories While Acting."
Young actors everywhere, get prop-ready and click through to study, study, study Meryl's video montage! (Jezebel)

Photo: Via Jezebel

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