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I Got A Mermaid Hair Dye Job — & This Is What I Look Like Now

This is what rainbow mermaid hair looks like.

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For Caroline Xia, a hair appointment is more than just a routine beauty treatment — it's part of her identity. "I feel like if I went back to black hair it would just make me very average again," she says. "[Dyeing my hair has become] a lot more of an identity thing, because I wanted to stand out."
Xia's been dyeing her hair since middle school — and she's been countless colors — but there's one look still on her hair bucket list: a mermaid-inspired hair transformation in pastel colors. Naturally, we couldn't miss an opportunity to capture the whole thing, so we grabbed a camera and followed along.
For the makeover, Xia headed to Brooklyn-based WHITEROOM Salon to sit in the chair of co-founder and colorist Elisabeth Lovell, where she faced the extra-long process of bleaching her hair, coloring it gray, and getting rainbow tones. "I've never done this sort of rainbow tones in my hair, so I think that's going to be really exciting," she says before getting her color transformation. And her new look comes just in time to join in on one of the latest trends in Hollywood that has celebrities like Cardi B and Amandla Stenberg serving up all the magical vibes on their strands.
Watch the video above to see the final product and Xia's reaction to one of the biggest hair transformations of her life. Warning: It might inspired you to try something new, too.
Rainbow Mermaid Hair Transformation VideoReleased on August 21, 2018

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