Beauty Tips From A Professional Mermaid — Yes, Really

mermaid embedPhotographed by Meredith Jenks.
If there's one demographic that should know its way around waterproof makeup, it's the mermaid population. No, we're not talking in metaphors here. The Cut interviewed Linden Wolbert, "the world’s most well-known professional mermaid," about her beauty routine. As someone who spends her working hours mostly underwater and whose uniform includes a 35-pound hydrodynamic tail and sparkly eyeshadow, Wolbert turned out to have more beauty tips than there are fish in the sea (approximately).
From which sea-kelp conditioner keeps her Ariel-esque locks from drying out to the one mascara that won't budge in chlorine and water, these quirky secrets are surprisingly relevant to our summer-beauty game plan. Also, we're really pleased The Cut asked her the question on all of our minds: "Do you see being a mermaid as more of a lifestyle choice or an occupation?"
This surprising profile is turning out to be one of the best beauty interviews we've read in a while. Head over to The Cut to check it out, and let us know if you'll be incorporating any mermaid-approved products into your regimen. (The Cut)

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