Men Get Bikini Waxes, Are Giant Sissy Babies About It

There's a trend going around in media (thanks, Buzzfeed) of men trying out traditionally female experiences — everything from contouring and makeup application to childbirth. Well, go ahead and add bikini waxing to that list. Those brave souls over at Buzzfeed filmed three male volunteers — not sure how they enticed them — getting their hair ripped out by the roots for the very first time.
Save for one with a clearly high tolerance for pain (his deadpan looks mid-rip are priceless), each guy is reduced to a whining mess of emotions as the cheerful technician goes to town on his sensitive bits. The best part? When she tells them to hold up their legs in the air so she can do their butts.
While these kinds of videos are enjoyable to watch, we have to wonder why they're suddenly so popular. Are we in the dawn of a new era of compassion and understanding between the sexes? Or, does the spectacle of men getting their pubic hair waxed off just make for really solid entertainment?
Whichever way you slice it, we think there's definitely more potential for this concept. Buzzfeed editors: If you're reading this, make them do laser hair removal next time. Waxing is a walk in the park compared to that hellish torture.

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