Watch People Get Contoured For The First Time

Makeup artist Nick Barose once said, "Contouring for every day just isn’t realistic unless you are Kim Kardashian and can hire people to follow you around, like a camera crew with a light." We generally agree. The heaviness of contour makeup tends to not really translate into natural light. It's kind of a "don't try this at home" sort of thing. Unless, of course, you have a professional on hand to show you how it's done.
This video, posted by BuzzFeed, shows people getting professionally contoured for the first time, and it's as amusing as it is illuminating. The best part has to be when the individuals got a peek at themselves before the makeup was blended in: It's kind of shocking to see your face covered in flesh-colored brushstrokes — and even more shocking to be told it's going to look good. Watching their facial expressions and hearing their flabbergasted commentary really highlights how dramatic a change contouring can be. Ultimately, though, most of their reactions to the final results were positive.
Check out the video, and let us know if you're having new thoughts about the contour process after seeing these first-timers try it out. (Buzzfeed)

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