A Minute With: "Mean-Mugged" Model Madisyn Ritland

madiysn-ritland-interview.jpgWe ran into Madisyn Ritland at the Calvin Klein and Parsons Pre-Party Benefit last night. And while she may have a mean mug on the runway, she couldn't be more smiley and cool in person.
What's new Madisyn?
I just did a shoot for W, and next is Alberta Ferretti.
Who was your favorite show this season?
Alexander McQueen.
What are some of your favorite books/bands?
I just finished reading Persepolis, which was really great. War and Peace; if you can make it through the first book then you're set. Watership Down, and I watched the movie afterwards. For music, I love The Doors and The Beatles, and anything that is dreamy/classical.
What's your favorite thing about being in New York?
I'm staying with my friend who has the most incredible view. And there's a telescope in the apartment, so you can look down into the street and see people in their taxis. So my favorite thing is that I can be in New York but still feel like I am watching it on television.

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