This Drugstore Mascara Is Gold

Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline.
In the beauty world, all of January is our Super Bowl. It's the month when drugstore brands unveil the biggest launches of the year — and 2017 might prove to be the most exciting yet. Our beauty closet is overflowing with glittering new products to try, but we've already found a worthy contender for MVP: Maybelline's new Colossal Big Shot mascara.

Sure, it may come in a gold tube and have a presumptuous-sounding name, but at its core, this is just a really good, basic mascara. There are no fancy-shaped bristles or bendy wands. The formula doesn't have flecks of glitter or chunks of thickening fibers. Instead, it stands out in its simplicity. The medium-sized fiber wand deposits the perfect amount of blackest-black formula onto your lashes, fully coating them and nothing else. (No black spots on your browbones with this stuff.) The bristles comb through lashes, leaving them long and fluttery with no clumps. And, thanks to the moisturizing formula, this mascara doesn't flake or make your lashes feel like they could break off at any moment.

We're all for innovation and newness, but sometimes, the best things don't need to be reinvented. And this sure-to-be-a-classic mascara proves just that.

The Colossal Big Shot Mascara, $8.49, available in January 2017 at Maybelline.

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