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5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 20 2012

If you like brunch, and you like tequila, we've got the perfect weekend plans for you. Richard Sandoval's UES resto Maya has launched an all-you-can-eat bottomless tequila brunch — consider us immediate regulars. (Maya)
If you're looking to double your brunch fun, also hit up Principessa in Soho. They're offering a $15 gourmet bacon, egg, and cheese pizza, with a Prosecco pairing, the ultimate glutton's meal. (Principessa)
Make some room in your shoe closest/drawers/on your floor (hey, we're not judging!) for some new kicks. Nine West has reopened two brand new stores with some seriously awesome design concepts — one on Madison Avenue, which will be curated like a gallery, and one in Soho, which will be dedicated to the Vintage America Collection. (Nine West)
Apparently Penn Badgley can do more than Gossip — he can sing! Lonely Boy takes on the role of Tim Buckley in a new biopic, and the trailer looks more than promising. (Huffington Post)
According to Forbes, Mayor Bloomberg has gotten $3 billion richer since March. Sure puts our bank accounts in perspective. (New York Magazine)

Photo: Courtesy of Maya