Your Favorite ’90s Beauty Product Is Back

If you grew up in the '90s or early aughts, your first makeup bag almost certainly contained a lip gloss — or several. (MAC Lipglass or NARS Lip Lacquer, anyone?) It was shimmery, shiny, and its painstaking reapplication process probably distracted you through many an English class.
But the popularity of lip gloss slowly faded and beauty trends moved on to more natural-looking stains, barely-there balms, and matte lipsticks — subtle, restrained, and deliberately lusterless.
This summer, however, we've been seeing shiny lips again, this time in glamorous, brightly-colored versions. Lip gloss is back, and there's a massive new crop of super-shiny, super-pigmented, super-glam products to prove it. Forget no-makeup makeup — this is makeup makeup.
Keep clicking for nine new glosses that will reignite your obsession.

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