How Super Stylist Masha Orlov Discovered Fashion In The First Place

Masha Orlov, Stylist
Swarovski, Beyonce, Purple, Zac Posen, Rihanna, V, Issey Miyake, Chloë Sevigny, Vogue Russia, Numero Tokyo, Lykke Li, Christian Lacroix — these are the kind of people, brands, and publications that take up stylist Masha Orlov's days. Jealous now, aren't you? Nights for this locally bred beauty aren't any less fab — you can easily spot her hopping from event to event sporting a casual, 100% perfect thrown-together look that's bound to stoke your envy even more. There's something magical to the Orlov styling touch, to be sure. But how did she fall in love with fashion in the first place? Read on, and you'll see the answer is as close as the nearest club.
We’ve been wondering as we put this Month Of Party girls series together, why is it that — perhaps more so than any other industry — the fashion business is so social in nature?
“Working in fashion, as well as collaborating with musicians and artists, it’s important to go to events, especially to support the people you work with for presentations, openings, concerts, and after-parties.”
But, like, it’s got to be more than that.
“Well, personally, I discovered fashion by going to clubs in NYC in the ‘90s and being social. It’s that social aspect that brought me to work in fashion. Also, I’m inspired by the people around me — and there are tons of people around me, so the inspiration is endless. At night, most of the people I meet are my friends and colleagues or my friends' friends and colleagues. The conversations, the outfits, and the way people dance — it’s a lot of information compounded into one place and time.”
So, both the business and the artistic side of fashion rely on, well, bumping into other stylish people?
“Yes. When you go out, you bump into people you might not have seen for ages, which sometimes brings about work collaborations. But, honestly, most business stuff gets done during the day. The night is to relax and have fun, so I don't usually talk about work after working hours, even if I am with people I work with. The night is for letting go.”
And how have you collected this inspiring group around you?
“In high school, I used to hang out with all different groups of people that had nothing in common with one another. I’ve always loved music and dancing, so I used to go to raves, hip hop, and goth clubs. I loved seeing the Grateful Dead or the opera. That’s still how I lead my life today.”
Finally, what’s your professional mantra?
“While working with designer Jeremy Scott on a photo shoot, he once said to me, ‘It's all in the details’. So true on so many levels.”
Styled by Lauren Edelstein; Hair and Makeup by Bethany Brill.
Junya Watanabe jacket; Obesity & Speed shirt; BLK DNM jeans; Acne boots; Vintage belt; Bally hat; Bing Bang ring; Aesa Solar Spies Earrings, $615, available at Honey in the Rough; Aesa Solar Knot Ring, $180, available at Bona Drag; Anndra Neen Large Quilted Alpaca Bag, $850, available at Paire.

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