What’s Yours, Mine & Ours?: How Married Millennials Approach Money

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
In an age when millennials are supposedly disrupting everything from nights out to American cheese (yes, really), it’s no surprise that married millennials are also changing up the way they share — or don’t share — their money.
Traditionally, the assumption was that couples shared their finances entirely and one person in the relationship controlled the money. But today, things are far more complex than that. According to a recent study conducted by Twine, a saving and investing app by John Hancock, 51% of millennial couples surveyed have chosen to manage their finances separately. To get a clearer picture of what this actually looks like, we teamed up with Twine to speak with real women around the country about how they deal with money as part of a married couple. Ahead, four women share how marriage changed (or didn’t change) their financial game plans and how they really decide what’s yours, mine, and ours.

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