Five Things To Know This AM

Sorry Fido, this year, (wo)man's best friends were Miu Miu's glittery booties. (FabSugar)
Maria Shriver filed for divorce from hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger a long time ago, but California's former first couple may not be permanently split after all. (TMZ)
Susie Bubble pulled off the impossible and made "loakers" (loafers x sneakers x orthopedic shoes) look and sound pretty chic. (Style Bubble)
Before the Kardashian empire demanded everybody in the family look like Klones, Khloe Kardashian rocked some cute blonde locks. (Socialite Life)
Forget the green creep from the Dr. Seuss story, Janet Jackson is PETA's Grinch of the Year. (NME)

Photo: Via NME.

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