Here’s A Surprising (& Delicious) Way To Fuel Your Workout

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Maple syrup is more than a delicious breakfast topping; in addition to making your pancakes better, it could also be fuel for your workout. Alexandra Caspero, RD, owner of Delish Knowledge, a sports-nutrition and weight-management service, told Shape that “during exercise, our muscles use all of our stored glucose to fuel the activity. When it’s time to replenish those stores, the body prefers quick, easily-absorbable energy that provides glucose right away so we can keep on exercising.” Related: Are Your Allergy Meds Messing With Your Love Life?

This means tough workouts are one of the only circumstances where “100% sugar is preferred over foods with fiber and fat,” Caspero explains. This is where maple syrup comes in. The sugars in the pure stuff (not the kind you typically find in a diner) “start to break down and deliver glucose the moment [they enter] your bloodstream,” Shape explains. Maple syrup is also a source of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, zinc, and manganese, as well as antioxidants. Related: Is Your Birth Control Causing Tummy Troubles?

Of course, toting around a glass bottle of maple syrup is definitely impractical, which is why UnTapped came up with gel packets filled with pure maple syrup — perfect for your next run. It’s important to note that “maple syrup lacks the electrolytes needed to replenish the body after endurance sports,” as Barbara Lewin, RD, founder of, told Shape. So, don’t depend on the sugary stuff alone to keep you charged. Click through for more information about how maple syrup can improve your run. (Shape) Related: Why You Gain Weight On Your Period
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