Drink Up: Mansion Gets A Killer Makeover & Reopens Tomorrow

mansion - post
When we heard Mansion had shut its doors, we assumed the massive nightclub was gone for good. But as it turns out, all that the hot spot really needed was a little alone time — and some pampering. Over the last few weeks, the venue has been renovating its interiors to feature a whole new raging experience that will now be known as Mansion 360.
The makeover involves swanky but aggressive décor (think animal print sofas and fuchsia shaded chandeliers) and a restructuring of the general stage and seating layout. But the real showstopper is a multi-million-dollar lighting and sound upgrade, ranking Mansion as one of the top venues in the country for such a multi-dimensional experience. Our thinking? LIV should get ready for a little more competition, especially with the confirmation of an overhead sky cam that shoots the performing DJs and VIPs onto screens projected throughout the club.
In celebration of the club’s improvements and its reopening, Deadmau5 will have an unhooked show this weekend, January 20 and 21. We don’t know about you, but we definitely want to be the first to party under these lights. Cue the music.
Photo: Courtesy of Mansion.

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