The Best Cheap Alternative To That Cult Makeup Brush You Keep Seeing

It's the universal beauty question we all ask ourselves time and time again: What are the best products I can buy for cheap, and what do I actually need to splurge on? Take makeup brushes, for example. While there are plenty of affordable options out there, some of the coolest new releases can be priced somewhere in the triple digits. Suffice it to say, when we found these lower-cost alternatives to some of the highest praised brushes in the game right now, we had to see if they could do a similar job — but for far less cash. The verdict? Rounder, softer, and way cheaper than the competition, this Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Set did, in fact, win our hearts. We don't always expect mass-store versions of prestige products to live up to the same hype, but the brushes in this set come pretty damn close. Here's why they're rad: Your makeup routine is immediately cut in half because of how much ground each one can cover — and no matter how much concealer or foundation you put on, it's always a seamless finish. The best part? The largest face brush doesn't cost more than $20 and, at most, a whole set would only set you back $30. Now that's a drugstore pick-up we can get behind. Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Set, $30, available at Tam Beauty.

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