How To Get Ready In The Morning When You Have Zero Time

No matter how much we may deny it, we’ve all been that person stuck applying makeup in the least convenient of places (a.k.a. the 4 train). We’ve also more than likely thrown shade at someone as they try to feverishly and discreetly (or, not-so-discreetly) apply bronzer before the train rolls into their stop.
The truth is, when it comes to applying makeup on the go, you need to give yourself some tough love. While blotting your nose, or perhaps touching up lipstick, is acceptable — chic, even — breaking out the foundation is a definite don't. “Don’t try to contour in public, please,” quips celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin. “Whipping out makeup brushes and swirling around a bunch of powder is a big no-no.”
When you’re in your bedroom, what you do with your face is your business. In public, it’s only polite to keep your routine to an absolute minimum — no matter how dire the circumstances. “Once it gets to 10 minutes, it can get awkward,” says makeup pro Fiona Stiles. The key is keeping it quick and even entertaining, as makeup artist Edward Cruz suggests. For that, you need some enviable products.
We talked to a few pros to find out the best methods for foolproof in-transit makeup application, plus suggested some items that may even have people asking to peek into your cosmetics bag. Click through to master the art of the on-the-go face.

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