Beauty Test Lab: Stick-On Eyeliner

We're the first to admit that putting our makeup on can be kind of a pain. All that effort in the a.m., just to have it melt, smudge, or wipe off later in the day. So frustrating. And that's why we love the idea of makeup stickers — eyeliner, shadow, and even lipstick that you simply peel off and place on your face. Rock Cosmetics, the geniuses behind the NailRock nail wraps, recently launched EyeRock, a line of stick-on liners that mimic the look of liquid liner. They come in a variety of shapes, from classic cat-eye to Tim Burton-esque outlines, and the material used is medical tape, so it's safe for the eye area. Check out what our Senior Beauty Editor Megan had to say about them.
One important thing to note with these: Don't go overboard and use them all the time. "Eyelid skin is thin and therefore sensitive," says NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler. "The adhesive can cause a contact allergy, especially with repeated use." She also advises against pulling them off too quickly, as that will tug the skin on the eyelid and cause all sorts of damage. Instead, gently peel them off to minimize tugging and redness.
Rock Cosmetics Eye Rock Designer Liner, $12.53, available at ASOS.
Video still by Eric Chakeen

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