5 Things Beauty Addicts Experience When All They Want Is A New Lipstick

If beauty is your vice, you're not alone. You know who you are: Your medicine cabinet is overflowing with serums, foundations, and lip colors, and yet, you're always itching to try the next big thing. Now, we're not here to judge you: In fact, it's quite the opposite — we understand. There's a downside to our shared product obsession, however. Makeup and skin-care counters can be dangerous territories for our wallets. Factor in the variety of shiny new product options, along with some pretty convincing salespeople, and boom — there go our paychecks.
Ahead, we put together five interactions we've heard of or personally experienced at a beauty counter at some point in our lives. From the super-sweet makeup rep killing with flattery, to the gorgeous look we could never replicate IRL, these five situations are supremely relatable.
1. Flattery
Sometimes, we can't help but give into a little sweet-talking, especially on the days when a new lippie is just the pick-me-up we need. This technique of "pulling" is tried-and-true — and gets us every time.
2. The Mini Makeover
Call it an overreaction, but a simple comment can hit a nerve, especially when it's about the one thing we're self-conscious about. After all, under the bright lights of the makeup counter, one small comment comes with a host of other potential meanings.

3. The Pro Vs. Reality
Unfortunately, we aren't all makeup artists — and man, can pros in your favorite store make it look easy. But, as with everything, practice makes perfect, so instead of getting an in-store makeover and assuming you can pull it off the next day, it may be worth it to book some one-on-one lessons at the beauty counter to get your technique down instead.
4. The 12-Step System
The influence of Korean beauty routines has inspired almost every brand to launch multi-step systems, but some nights, we just want to take off our makeup and go to bed — which is okay, too! Moral of the story: Fight the good fight, but sometimes a simple wash-and-hydrate works just as well.
5. The "Gift With Purchase"
Sometimes, gifts are worth it — especially if it's a nice surprise with one purchase. Other times, however, we find ourselves spending a few hundred dollars just to get a few extra travel-sized items in a makeup bag we'll never use, and the math just doesn't add up.

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