Pro Tips For Schlepping Around Less Makeup

Blame it on the modern woman’s hardly-home lifestyle, but most of us carry far too much stuff around. About 3.4 pounds of stuff, to be exact, according to a study that examined 100 women's purses. "About half of all bags have actual garbage in them," says Kelley Styring of InsightFarm, who conducted the research. “This can be discarded wrappers, receipts, used tissues, [and more]." So, we're constantly fumbling through pockets, diving through bursting makeup bags, and, sometimes, asking our poor subway seatmates to hold a few things just so we can find that go-to gloss.
As a wise sage once said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” That’s why we talked to celebrity and editorial makeup artists to find out how to create a streamlined makeup bag — stocked with just 10 items or less — that can take you from work to wherever without missing a beat. Here are their top picks.