10 Fast & Cheap Ways The Pros Clean Their Makeup Brushes

“I love cleaning my makeup brushes,” said no one, ever. Okay fine, some people do get great satisfaction from washing their beauty tools, but we're not those people. In fact, we get so lazy that instead of cleaning our go-tos, the temptation to simply grab a new brush from the beauty closet is all too real for our beauty team.
However, the gross reality is well-known: Dirty brushes can be bad news for your complexion — the more caked your brushes get, the more bacteria they're harboring and the worse your makeup will look. And yet, we still don't wash them as much as we should — until now.
Makeup artists can use tons of makeup brushes every single day, and on multiple people, so if anyone knows the hacks that make upkeep easier, it's them. Thankfully, the pros offered up their tips and product recs to R29 — so we stop putting dirty brushes on our faces.

"Makeup expires, formulas change...but your brushes can last forever," says celebrity makeup artist Andre Sarmiento — and we think he’s got a great point. Hopefully, we become brush-cleaning fanatics, but our expectations might be a little more realistic: namely, not having to toss our brushes aside every time they get too much foundation on them.
Click ahead to see some of the tips these makeup artists gave us and see how the pros really clean their brushes — and how we should, too.

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