You CAN Quit Your Job & Move Abroad — Here's How

Photo: David Pearson/REX/Shutterstock.
A few months ago, I uprooted my life and moved abroad — even though I still had five figures in student loans to pay off. But it wasn't just a vacation. Even as I was sitting poolside in Cambodia, I was making money. I've backpacked on very little cash before, but I knew that while I was traveling, I wanted to live comfortably. I wanted to trade my backpack for a suitcase and my hostel for an Airbnb. And along the way, I learned a few ways to make money and be able to sightsee.
While your priorities may be different from mine, I promise: There's a way to make money for everyone. As long as you commit to a plan and do your homework, then you can jump in feet first — without drowning — virtually anywhere in the world.

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