Make It Through Fashion Week Alive With Our Super-Stylish Survival Kit

When it comes to show-going, there's a certain side of the fashion circus that makes us want to hide under the covers. Along with the glamour, beauty, and loads of fashion, you also get blisters, bruises, and a bad case of sleep deprivation. We can't complain just yet since the festivities just got underway, but this season, we're going to be as prepared as we can to avoid any injury. From emergency snacks to emergency pillows, we've got the list of goodies that'll prevent fashion fatigue.
1. A Tote To Tote Them All
We've already detailed how to turn your swag on, but trying to carry around a dozen cotton totes on top your purse makes you look like you just went on a shopping spree at Whole Foods. One sturdy giant of a bag, and you're set to go.
2. A Double-Duty Cardholder
We've tried carrying a box of bandaids around, but the bulky cardboard isn't the most travel-friendly of products. This slim billfold will make the whole application process as classy as it can get. You can also keep business cards in them, we guess.
3. A Tweeting Machine
We're an office divided on our cell phone of choice, but as long as you can Tweet and Twitpic, it doesn't really matter which device you have.
Above, from left: Thakoon Fashion's Night Out Tote, $98, available at Kirna Zabete; Mulberry Card Case, $85, available at; Blackberry Bold, $675, available at Color Ware.
4. Snacks For You (and PR Girls)
Between running around and more running around, there's little opportunity to run into a bodega. We carry around almonds and double shot espressos in our purses, but make sure you throw in some sweet things to bribe the PR girls into letting you snag better seats.
5. Notebooks To Keep Your Head Straight
We've tried taking notes on our phones during shows, but texting away frantically while seated up front makes you look like a Grade A Tool. We prefer cute little notebooks in exciting prints that make our illegible scrawls almost look like art!
6. Serious Jackets With Serious Shoulders
There's little reason to jostle a girl with spikes coming out of her shoulders. Be that girl.
Above, from left: Dylan's Candy Lollipops, $12, available at Dylan's Candy; Bleeker Notebooks, $18, available at Jayson Home & Garden; Sportmax Peaked Shoulder Jacket, $919.05, available at My Wardrobe.
7. Shoes That Won't Break Your Ankles
Wedges give you a couple inches without making you teeter around like an NYU freshman in Meatpacking. Plus, with boots you can wear little socks for extra comfort!
8. A Pashmina You Can Lay Your Head On
When you finally give in and take that cab, you'll be thankful you have a pashmina you can take a (really) quick powernap on. Plus, it's one of our steps to getting photographed by Le Sartorialist.
Above, from left: Surface to Air Boot, $445.61, available at Browns; Diane von Furstenberg Print Pashmina, $185, available at The Outnet.

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