NYC, You Can Now Get Food Truck Grub Delivered Straight To Your Desk

We all love food trucks, but huffing it all the way to Soho (in the freezing cold, no less) just for your favorite tacos can be a little, well, irrational (or painful.) But man, do we love those tacos. Now, thanks to a brand-new website, we no longer have to choose between a delicious lunch and staying frostbite-free.
Lunch Calling, our just-launched saving grace, works with local food trucks to take orders and get grub delivered straight to your desk. Right now, they're only working with large group orders, so it's time to buddy up to your cubemates and dine together. Sharing is a small price to pay for indulging in the city's best grilled cheese without leaving your computer.

Photographed by Joe Buglewicz