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I Swapped Nighttime Beauty Routines With My Brother

Lucie Fink swaps her beauty routine with her brother Robbie in her latest vlog.

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I am incredibly close to my siblings, and I occasionally highlight our antics on my Instagram account and my personal YouTube channel. I've already done a Makeover Challenge and a "Who Knows Me Best?" video with my twin sister, Allie, but thus far, my audience hasn't seen too much of my older brother, Robbie. When my followers began asking for "More Robbie!" I knew it was time for a brand-new video that would truly showcase his personality and explore our unique brother-sister relationship.
Robbie and I live very different lives — he’s a musician who's currently preparing for business school — so right now his lifestyle is pretty relaxed compared to my regimented days. In this hilarious routine-swap video, we each spend a day at the other's apartment, fully immersing ourselves in activities that the other typically does.
I've tried a few routine-swaps before on Try Living with Lucie, and each one has taken me far outside of my comfort zone — diving into somebody else's daily routine is an interesting experiment, to say the least. In this episode, Robbie had me drink a full glass of bourbon while I forced him to take down a full glass of green juice. At his apartment, we played music and touched insects. At my apartment we meditated, burned sage, and rubbed oil on our faces.
My nighttime beauty routine is pretty robust: I have a strict order of creams, serums, and oils that I use religiously. My brother, on the other hand, is used to splashing his face with water and calling it a night. Watching him attempt my wash-up routine was my favorite part of this experiment — his reactions were priceless and I certainly got a good laugh out of it.
We each experienced some struggles that came along with adopting the other's routine, but at the end of the day, I'd say the whole experience brought us a lot closer together. Check out our video below!
Lucie Fink Swaps Beauty Routine With Her Brother RobbieReleased on August 10, 2018

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