The Best Travel Skin-Care Tips For Healthy, Hydrated Skin

When I’m at home in New York City, it’s pretty easy for me to get into my groove and stay on track when it comes to my morning and nighttime beauty routines. When I'm traveling, however, my daily organization and structure seem to fall to the wayside, and everything is thrown completely out of whack.
Eating quick meals on the the go, sleeping in various hotel rooms, hopping on and off planes, being in a completely new environment, and the jet lag always leave my skin looking dull and more prone to breakouts. Even worse, I often have to skip most of the steps I do at home because I can't carry my entire skin-care shelf with me.
I recently took a Refinery29 business trip from NYC to L.A., San Francisco, and Anaheim, and I was away for almost two weeks. Despite my hectic schedule, late nights, and lack of sleep, I packed as many beauty essentials as I could. And for whatever I couldn't carry, I made a last-minute pit-stop at a local drugstore to make sure my skin stayed healthy and hydrated.
Check out the video ahead to see how I adjusted my skin-care routine while traveling.

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