Louis Vuitton Tries To Define The L.A. Man

Leave it to a foreigner to accurately define our fair city. In the second installment in a new video series, French filmmaker Jean-Claude Thibaut teamed up with Louis Vuitton in an attempt to personify Lala Land. The end result is two minutes of sweeping cinematic landscapes and an ode to the City of Angels like we've never seen before.
The narrator, with a raspy voice à la Clint Eastwood, exposes the underbelly of the city (film lots, the L.A. River, and the Sunset Strip to name a few) but manages to paint these spots in a charming light. Other than L.A., the short film features a gentleman who roams the streets in an old-school set of wheels, alternating between a debonaire tux and surfer's wetsuit. According to L.V. this man, with his slicked-back hair and electric bass, is the embodiment of L.A. He's confident — a wanderer, a gifted kid, a loner, and forever youthful. Most importantly, he's easy on the eyes (natch) and knows how to navigate traffic.
We can't help but be flattered by what is essentially a love letter to our stomping grounds. Watch the video above, and we dare you not to blush!

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