Eat Up: Where Tinseltown’s Heaviest Hitters Break Bread

The truth is, talent can only take you so far in this city. Like any industry, it's about who you know, and how you use those connections. And, if you're looking to score a deal, land a role, or just impress the pants off of an acquaintance, let us introduce you to a super-handy guide: The Hollywood Reporter's list of Tinseltown's 25 Top Power Lunch Restaurants.
Naturally, legendary spots such as Spago, the Chateau, and the Polo Lounge made the cut, but some newcomers such as Son of a Gun placed in the coveted roundup, as well. The mag polled some of the city's most influential CEOs, producers, agents, managers, and lawyers for a candid recap of the best joints for tête–à–têtes. Not only do they divulge the best places to book a reservation, but also the dishes to order, which tables to request, and the potential celeb sightings. Basically, this is your new little black book for midday munchies in Lala.
So, brush up on those table manners and don't forget to tip generously — for all you know, this may be a life-changing meal (these places have a habit of making that happen!). (The Hollywood Reporter)

Photo: Via The Hollywood Reporter