10 London Girlbosses Reveal Their Secrets To Success

We get it. It's summer. Your head says deadlines; your heart says tan lines. You should probably be burning the midnight oil, but it's all you can do to not have your ergonomic office chair outfitted with an ejector button that'll launch you up and over to the nearest rooftop bar at 5 p.m. And how can you possibly think about meetings and conference calls when the only thing you want to be projecting is which SPF factor to use on next week's beach holiday?
Hold on there, sunshine. You'll get your towel time, but let's not let all that vitamin D go to your head and make you lose focus on your career goals. Staying motivated at work can be especially tricky during the summer, which is why you could probably use some major career inspiration right now. We turned to some of London's most go-getting girlbosses for insight into staying motivated, knowing when to strike out on your own, and propelling your career forward. Enjoy your Summer Fridays and bank-holiday weekends, but remember: Being a business-minded badass is a year-round gig. Never. Stop. Hustling.
Read on for real-life career advice from superwomen who've seen it all. Dare we say you'll be rushing back from your next getaway hungrier than ever?

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