15 London Bars We Love (& You Will, Too)

Call it a mark of maturity, like signing up for direct deposit and actually taking your makeup off before you go to bed. After a certain point, throwing shapes at a throbbing, sweltering, eardrum-bursting nightclub every weekend loses its allure. Is it so wrong to crave an actual conversation that doesn't involve shouting? Could you actually enjoy a cocktail without having it knocked out of your glass by some twerking club-goer? Will your friends think less of you when they discover that you actually really, really hate house music? Can you live?

You can. Simply suggest a night out to one of these 15 bars, which are a step up from the local pub while lacking the all-out intensity of some sticky-floored club. The cocktails are top-notch, the decor is swanky yet inviting, the music is on point without drowning you out, and the vibe is so refreshingly chill, you might just find yourself still there for last orders. Trust us — these are the spots where you want to spend your Saturday nights (and Thursday, and Friday, and Sunday...).

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