35 Beauty Buys Every London Gal Needs

Whether you're an English rose or a Kate Moss devotee who can't live without a cat's eye, you're living proof that London gals love their beauty swag. You can't pass a department store or duty-free without layering on some designer scents. You've been known to pop into The Body Shop just to "test" some body butter. And, yes, you're guilty of taking unpublished selfies just to see if your eyeliner's smeared. Been there, done that.
Now that Christmas is over and the post-holiday shopping spree is kicking off, how about burning off all those mince pies by hitting up your favourite beauty counters to get the stuff you really wanted from Santa? After all, you've still got your New Year's Eve look to plan. Also, one can't possibly start off 2015 without a mini makeover that says, "Watch out, world!"
To help your beauty mission along, we've hand-picked 35 of our most beloved products for nails, face, skin, hair, and body. Some are splurges, some are super-cheap, and all are guaranteed to nudge you even closer to feeling like the goddess you are. Enjoy!

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