Your Loss, Lululemon — The Plus-Size Active Line We Love

embedlola_2Photo: Courtesy of Lola Getts.
By now, you’re likely aware of the multiple Lululemon scandals: its see-through-pants debacle, its refusal to create sizes above a 12, and its founder and former chairman’s brazen claims that some women’s bodies "don’t work" for its pants. And, we’re getting really tired of all the brouhaha. We just want stylish activewear that flatters plus-size women (and doesn’t make them feel bad about their thighs).
Thankfully, one such brand has recognized how important this underserved market is. Lola Getts is the antithesis to the typical plus-size workout outfit of baggy sweatpants and an oversized tee; its collections are filled with sleek styles that you won’t feel embarrassed to wear, whether you're at the gym or if you happen to run into your ex.
We spoke to co-founder Stacey Goldstein to learn the secrets behind our new favorite workout brand and her feelings about the whole Lululemon scandal.

What inspired you to create Lola Getts, and what's behind the name?
"The company is co-founded by Jodi Geiger and I. [I] couldn't understand what fashionable plus-size gals wear to work out. As an avid cycler and yoga-class participant, I noticed that the plus-size women in my classes were wearing baggy sweats and white, men's T-shirts. The regular-sized women were in trendy, cute stuff like Lululemon or Lucy. I was introduced to Jodi Geiger, also an avid athlete, who has worked for 25 years in the garment business selling trims and novelties to activewear and swimwear companies. Lola Getts is not about the owners; it's all about the curvy woman who deserve to be respected. Our brand is about empowering women and making them appreciate the bodies they have or help them on their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle, if that is what they are embracing for themselves."

Why did you choose to focus solely on plus-size activewear? 
"Why not? We did countless focus groups and research and realized that plus-size clothes in general have been overlooked, underserved, and not fun! Sixty-seven percent of American women are size 14 or larger, and activewear is a $30 billion-plus business that continues to grow. Thanks to brands such as Lululemon, activewear has become an everyday fashion look for regular-sized women. Lola Getts is not just for working out at the gym. Women are pairing our Lola leggings with boots to go out on the town. Some of our tops look really great with jeans."

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lola_7Photo: Courtesy of Lola Getts.

What makes your products unique?
"Lola Getts uses some of the finest active and technological performance fabrics available. We use a real woman, a plus-size model, for all of our fittings along with a pattern maker who has an extensive background fitting this demographic. We create styles that enhance her curves, and [use fabrics that] help to shape and smooth any problem areas by lifting the rear and flattening the midsection. All of our bottoms and some of our tops use a high grade of weight with compression for added support. However, they're still soft to the touch and breathable. Our seams are strategically placed, and we use flat-lock stitching to avoid chaffing between the thighs. We even have a unique diamond-shaped crotch to avoid the dreaded camel toe!

Best of all, the line is designed, cut, and sewn in downtown L.A. Lola Getts wants to invigorate the U.S. economy by keeping manufacturing on our shores."

What are your feelings about the Lulelemon scandals — what Chip Wilson has said about some women’s bodies, that they "don’t work" for its pants?
"Lululemon's loss is Lola Getts' gain. Their business model has always been geared to an actively fit person. We just chose a different path for Lola Getts Active. Our mission is to continue to make the plus-size woman feel empowered and beautiful whether at the gym or in her everyday activities. To represent our brand in the best way, we use models (Natural Model Management Los Angeles) in our lifestyle shots and product shots. They're all size 14 or larger, exude confidence, lead active lifestyles, and are the quintessential Lola Getts girl. We take the time to listen to our customers concerning styles, colors, and what details we can add to our product offerings. This is why we have an amazing product mix."

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