Loafing Around: The Poly Patent-Leather Tassel Loafer

Okay, go ahead and call us "Muffy" if you want, but we've been obsessing about the prep-school chic of tasseled loafers recently. They're a little bit Sacred Heart School for Girls, a little bit Wall Street, but mostly, they're just damned cute. We loved them on the adorable Iôa Brá when we peeped her on Reykjavik Looks a few months back (left), but we'd love these Poly patent-leather loafers (right) on our feet even more. A little more razzle dazzle than your typical loaf, these shiny shinys are so burned in our tiny brains that we'll be checking Pixie Market every hour until they come back in stock (hurry!!!) In the meantime, we're lining up our savings accounts so we can retire to Iceland in style.
Available at www.pixiemarket.com.

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