How A Fashion Editor Really Dresses For Her 9-To-5

New York may have a reputation as hectic. But, New Yorkers know that it also offers a million little moments of beauty among the chaos: coming across a quaint park you’ve never noticed before — the perfect place to cool your heels and breathe a moment. Or, meeting friends for dumplings in Chinatown and stumbling across a tiny, hole-in-the-wall record shop perfect for indulging in some late-afternoon crate-digging.
Of course, my job as a fashion editor at Refinery29 serves up more than its fair share of hectic, too, so being prepared is the name of the game. Despite what many people think, fashion editors do not spend their days nibbling macarons and lounging in designer duds. This is a job that keeps you on the move, so I like easy-to-wear, citified staples (with maybe more than a little Angela Chase vibes thrown in — I'm a '90s girl at heart). A mini-dress, moto jacket, and a killer pair of waterproof Timberlands are perfect for comfortably taking me from a showroom preview in the morning, to the office, to a last-minute red-carpet interview, and to dinner afterwards (not to mention dodging random street-slush, mid-day showers, and tourists along the way). Try doing that in couture and heels!
New York, like my job, is forever reminding me what I love about it: the little surprises, the unexpected challenges, the constant energy that pulses through it and keeps me afloat. Catch the video above for a look at life in NYC through my lens — it’s a life I’m grateful for, snags and all, and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

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