Star DJ Lindsay Luv Chats About Her Secret Beauty Arsenal & Her “Swag”

These days, you can't really hold a runway show, afterparty, store opening, or other fashion-related event without a chic lady spinning something fantastic in the DJ booth. And, if you frequent the better breed of these events, then there's no question you've danced along to a beat laid down by Lindsay Luv. A multimedia presence with a global client list, Luv used the business savvy she collected working at A&R to establish herself as the go-to girl for curating playlists for brands, consulting on marketing projects, and, of course, DJing their fantastic bashes. We grabbed Luv for a quick chat on her unique job, how she dresses herself for different brands, and, of course, what's in her makeup bag. Get your pen and notepad at the ready!
Now, you’re known for collaborating with major fashion brands.
“Yeah, I’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of top brands both on the scene and behind the scenes — Victoria’s Secret, Armani Exchange, Diesel, Virgin, Philip Lim, Hudson Jeans, Andrew Marc, Forever 21, Maybelline, Guess, Adidas.”
It’s a pretty enviable list. How did you get to this stage?
“A lot of hard work, practice, years of gigs, and also an extensive knowledge of music and the business side of the industry. I started in the music business in in New York City, working numerous roles including digital distribution, brand partnership development, and working on the management team for the hit Danish duo, The Raveonettes. Then, launched a New York indie-music events program for a major Fortune 100 brand, where I ran everything from acquiring the venues, promoting the shows and booking the emerging talent — Justice, Chromeo, The Presets, Mickey Avalon, and DJ AM, to name a few. I had tight friendship with the late DJ AM, and he encouraged me to give DJing a try. I taught myself with the equipment he recommended in an empty club in NYC every afternoon and, despite the fact that there were so few female DJs at that point, I stuck with it.”
So what’s it like working one of these big fashion-brand events?
“Most fashion clients want you to wear their looks while spinning an event — but it’s important to do so authentically and make it work for me, rather than looking like someone dressed me. It’s the same with the music I pick. I’ll play an indie-rock set for Diesel and girly-pop remixes for Victoria’s Secret — but I always make sure to keep the ‘Lindsay Luv’ swag to it! You have to make your crowd and client happy, still stay authentic to your own brand and following.”
And, when you have to look your best for these events, what’s in your makeup bag?
“I have a Chanel makeup bag with a mini-brush set and a little travel mirror! I pack up some Tarte blush, Maybelline Rocket mascara, Essie glitter nail polish for touch-ups, a travel-sized Victoria’s Secret Bombshell body spray, Blk DNM perfume, MAC Matte Bronze Bronzer, Nars Dragon Girl red lipstick, and Fresh Citron de Vigne hand lotion! I also love Garnier’s makeup remover wipes for on-the-go fixes!”
What do you say to people who think your job is just one non-stop party?
“Well, it is a job, and to succeed at any job means a lot of responsibility, dedication, and hard work. What people generally don’t see is the hours I put into downloading music and creating playlists for top clients, the time it takes to research and write new topics for my blog, setting up photo shoots and interviews, and the endless days I spend emailing, updating my websites and social media, connecting with clients, taking care of my accounting, formulating contracts, and doing interviews. I rarely get to indulge in the ‘party’ because I am ultimately responsible for creating it!”
After all that work, what’s the high point of your career so far?
“DJing a New Year’s Eve bash on the top of a luxury hotel in the middle of India spinning for Armani Privé at their nightclub inside the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Also, the day I moved to Los Angeles from NYC and spun at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, an iconic American establishment…it’s a toss up!”

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