Peep The Dreamy Inspiration Behind Levi’s New Fall Collection

It's not every day that we get an email in our inbox with an offer to retrace the steps of inspiration that lead to a current collection. But that's precisely what happened earlier this summer when Levi's asked a group of editors to follow the team's concept crew (including R29 S.F. profile subject Jay Carroll) to coastal Maine to get an inside look at how the new fall '12 line came to be.
With new offerings based on the idea of craftsmanship found in coastal communities, the iconic S.F.-based brand met us in Portland, before beginning a roadtrip that snaked north, with visits to nautical-antiques warehouse China Sea Marine Trading Co., the utterly dreamy Salt Water Farm, a behind-the-scenes adventure at Swans Island Blanket Co., and a peek into the classrooms at Haystack Mountain Studio School of Crafts.
These companies, which employ tried-and-true handicraft methods, were the basis for Levi's latest turn to a more tailored fall look with nods to the ocean. The men's pieces include a cozy collection of fleece sweatshirts, sturdy field jackets, and a new taper-fit jean. Meanwhile, the women's collection features a new focus on easy, tailored dresses (how good is this version for holiday?) and a reinvented Bootcut Skinny silhouette. Also expect a scarf from Swans Island Blanket Co. to make its way into the line as the months go on.
For a taste of the inspiration behind the new line, peep the video above. And, if you're planning on heading to Maine anytime soon (um, it's a must!), we've kindly compiled a list of additional places for you to visit, in order to retrace Levi's trip yourself ... or just see the beyond-pretty place for all it's worth.

Video: Courtesy of Levi's

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