This Ode To NYC Has Us A Little Choked Up

We'll admit it: We're kind of suckers for a sappy story. And, we also happen to turn into big ol' piles of love when it comes to our amazing city. So, this story, published by Forbes to honor The Big Apple on the anniversary of September 11, tugged right at our heartstrings.
Writer Brett Nelson, who lived in the financial district for 14 years until his recent move to greener (literally) pastures, pays respect to NYC by extolling us with the 50 lessons this grand city has taught him. While some are rather personal and specific (the importance of his Sunday morning Belgian waffle at Petite Albeille ritual), others are universal and oh-so-meaningful (the importance of alone time, how to have a guilty pleasure, and don't take things personally, to name a few).
While we're in full agreement with (almost) all of Mr. Nelson's lessons (surprises are for more than just birthdays, my friend), we offer a few of our own into the fray: Never turn down a free lunch (even if you already ate, there's no shame in stuffing food into your purse for later), no price is too high for a good bloody mary (just try and compare your local sports bars' to Joseph Leonard's masterpiece), and Always. Pack. Flats.
Tell us, what has this sometimes frustrating, but always unforgettable, city taught you? (Forbes)

Photo: Via Forbes