Lena Dunham’s Ankle Wants You To Stop Shaving (Not Safe For Squeamish Folk)

You know how when someone tells you about something stupid they've done and OMG you have totally done that stupid thing a bajillion times, too, and then you suddenly feel like you've formed a deep and irrevocable bond? Yeah, we totally got that feeling when we saw Lena Dunham's Instagram pic of her recent leg shaving debacle, which she's calling a "PSA for not shaving your legs."
Okay, maybe she's being a tad dramatic, but we're totally with her. Who among us hasn't gotten an awful nick and vowed to give up the razor for good...until you realize can pet your leg by the end of the week? Look, quitting isn't easy. In fact, we envy the girls who can go out and live au naturale.
But shaving is such a cheap depilatory option, even if it does come with the occasional cut, burn, or stray patch of hair you don't notice until the next day. And don't you just love it when you think you can get away with dry-shaving, until you decide to jump in the salty, salty ocean a half hour later? (Spoiler alert: AHHH.)
The most important takeaway, though: We're definitely trying Lena's tissue trick next time, instead of doing that weird hunchback walk we normally try, where we press a tissue against our ankle while still trying to walk around. Yeah, that hot move. On second thought, maybe not shaving won't be so hard after all.
Got a cringe-worthy hair-removal story to share? To the comments, please!

Photo: Via Instagram

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