Don’t “Get” Layering? Here’s What You Need To Know

Everything you know about getting dressed? It's time to toss it out the (closet) door. Sure, you've been picking out your outfits one pair of pants at a time since you were a munchkin, but we bet you aren't as well-versed in the art of creative layering as you could be. There's so much more to piling on the pieces than that collared-shirt-under-a-sweater combo you've done and dusted; a quick scan through Instagram will prove as much. Sure, learning to pair a skirt over pants may seem next-level, but at the end of the day, what's layering, really, but popping clothes over more clothes?
From simple swaps of a sweater to understanding exactly which colors work best together, we're here to help you face all the stages of layering head-on. Ahead, we'll introduce you to every level — from beginner to super-advanced — to help inspire your best looks. Let these tips and tricks be a guide as you develop your own set of out-of-the-box layering techniques.

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