The Newest Beauty Craze? Mascara That Lasts For An Entire Month

We're not beauty-obsessed, per se, but we do have one golden rule: No leaving the house sans mascara. Foundation, concealer, blush, shadow, lipstick — they all come second to those two essential coats of our favorite lash-enhancing formula. So, we were intrigued to test out Lash Dip, a long-lasting mascara application available at Georgetown's Nectar Skin Bar.
How it works: You kick back on a spa table for an hour while a technician paints each individual lash with a polymer formula that resembles your most dramatic mascara. (There's a little tugging and some slight discomfort if the tech has to separate clumped lashes — bear it in mind if you're squeamish about your eyes.) But the result? Some show-stopping peepers that'll stay that way for up to four weeks. We're not gonna lie — it's nice to go to bed feeling pretty (without feeling guilty about sleeping with makeup on). Even better? Waking up every morning looking like we're ready to start the day.
If you have sensitive eyes, you probably won't love the slightly crusty feeling your lashes take on — in fact, it might drive you crazy enough that you'll have to have it removed by the technician (there's no DIY way to get this stuff off). The general rule is to avoid touching your lashes, and use the provided clear coat formula to keep them looking glossy.
There's also a "root bump" touch-up included in the $250 fee, which should be scheduled approximately two weeks after the initial application, and will keep your lashes looking fresh. We tried the treatment on September 4, and still have some LashDip left (even though we're lazy and didn't get the touch-up.) So, if you've got a full calendar of events ahead — or something big, like a wedding and a honeymoon — it could be well worth it to have part of your makeup routine crossed off the to-do list.

Nectar Skin Bar, 1633 Wisconsin Avenue NW; 202-333-4332.


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