We Get Kinda Intense With Laetitia Casta

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Laetitia Casta's long and continuously successful career is impressive, to say the least. From Guess girl to Victoria's Secret Angel, to her most recent gig as the face of Dolce & Gabbana's new fragrance, Intense, the French supermodel is known for her devastatingly sensual looks — and, fittingly, her intensity.
Casta was kind enough to hop on the phone with us to talk about everything from the filming of D&G's steamy promo video to her personal wisdom on beauty. We couldn't help but feel that we have a lot to learn from Casta, whose signature crooked teeth and motto of self-love are a good reminder that it's often the most interesting people who are the most beautiful.
We love your video for the new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance, Intense. What was it like to film it?
“I felt I was doing like a mini-film — like cinema. When I do commercials, you can change me, which is kind of fun. It was like being given a character to design.”
So much of your work is very alluring and very evocative. Does that come naturally to you?
“When you know what you are doing, and the director asks you what to do, and you prepare yourself, it eventually becomes natural. But, it takes time and you have to think about it. For me, I don't think about it anymore — I'm just doing it.”
What’s the connection between the perfume and its name, Intense?
"As a woman, I think that sensuality is clear in your desire. Your feelings, your emotion, what you want in your life, what you don't want. So, the perfume is talking about that."
What do you find intense, alluring, and attractive?
“Life is intense enough. I don't need to try to find something else. Life is really playful and tricky. I don't need to find more intensity."
What do you like about the new fragrance, and what do you look for in a personal fragrance?
“I like that the fragrance that I did is really strong. I love when a strong personality comes across in a perfume. It's really individual. And, the message of it is really interesting. We're not talking about only physically but intensity of the brain. When I'm looking for perfume, I'm looking for something special that I didn't smell on somebody else. I don't want that. And, something fitting my personality. It's like a second skin.”
Do you have a favorite beauty product at the moment?
“Sunscreen. Because it's really hot, and it's important to protect your skin. We live in the south of Italy, and it's a lot of sun — and you have to protect yourself and your aging skin. That's what I do a lot now. I wear it every day.”
Has your perspective on beauty changed now from the beginning of your career?
"The more you accept yourself, the more you can do good, I think. It's about being who you are. When you are sure about yourself — who you are — and you don't care what people think, you become interesting."
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